• Mortgage Compliance

  • CFPB/DBO/BRE Defense

  •  Industry Contracts (Drafting, Review and Negotiation)

  • Repurchase Demands

  • Litigation

  • General Corporate and Employment Law


For nearly two decades, our practice has been devoted exclusively to the counseling and representation of mortgage bankers and loan originator organizations. This experience provides us with a solid foundation on which to analyze each client’s particular needs. Whether it be a CFPB examination or investigation, the defense of a repurchase demand, a DBO or BRE Accusation, a loan originator compensation issue, a borrower lawsuit, or the creation of an affiliated business arrangement, we have likely done it before--and will not be learning on your dime.

Our commitment to the mortgage industry enables us to stay abreast of current developments affecting our clients, so that we can advise them on the best course of action in good times and bad.

Our deep understanding of the legal landscape in which our clients operate, and our experience with a host of federal and state regulators, allows us to identify issues and develop creative and economical solutions to difficult problems. We don't just advise our clients regarding their legal and compliance obligations. We listen to their needs, and strive to craft creative solutions which make sound, business sense.